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Seou Accounting Corp. is a member firm of AGN International Ltd.

AGN International Ltd. is a global accounting firm headquartered in the United Kingdom,
with 10,000 professionals from 87 countries and 200 offices who actively share their knowledge and
experience to provide an integrated service.
Seou Accounting Corp. is an exclusive member of AGN International in Korea.
Our clients will greatly benefit from the high-quality and diverse experience and knowledge possessed
by the group of specialists at AGN International throughout the world.
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Top 20 International Alliances and Associations 2019
AGN International is ranked No. 11

  • Ranking International Company Latest combined annual
    total income ($m)
    Previous year's
    income ($m)
    % change Year end
  • # 11 AGN International 1,200 ($m) 1,145 ($m) 6.6 % 12 / 18

    AGN Internationalhttps://www.agn.org

    * Source : Accountancy age

    AGN International is a worldwide association of separate and independent accounting and consulting firms serving business
    organisations throughout the world.

    AGN International has more than 200 offices in 87 countries around the world, with total revenue of USD 1,200 million as of 2019,
    ranking #11 in the 2019 International Alliance and Association Top 20.

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